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DJI Osmo X3 - Vehicle Pack

Reference: 00-00090

This pack includes 2 extra batteries, an SD card 32Go and a vehicule mount.

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Delivered with carrying case, smartphone shelf, charger, battery, strap.

Using a Zenmuse X5 with Osmo requires an adapter sold separately.

An advanced stabilization

Osmo is a stabilizer which let you shoot 360° images in UHD 4K.

Connect your smartphone to visualize what your camera records. Your smartphone allows you to choose intelligent shooting modes.

DJI GO Application

Shooting modes can be controlled from the App DJI GO downloaded on your smartphone.

Put the Osmo on a tripod or another available support in order to control the camera easily.


Osmo is made from materials chosen to optimize comfort and durability and adapts itself to your hand.

Choose your camera

Osmo is sold with camera X3 with a Sony Exmor R CMOS 1/2.3” sensor with 12 millions pixels to shoot your movies from UHD to 4K.

Record up to 30 frames per second in 4K and 60 frames per second in 1080p.

Osmo is also compatible with X3, X5 Pro and X5 Raw cameras of the Inspire, which allows you a large choice of video quality and resolution.

For those who already own an Inspire, Osmo is the perfect accessory for your shootings.

Important: Osmo's X3 camera is not compatible with the Inspire 1.

Catch the instant

Osmo helps you to shoot your trips and events easier than ever.

Whether standing still or moving, you can create smooth and stable video without a tripod.

Panorama 360°

With the mode "Automatic Panorama", it has never been easier to achieve amazing 360 ° panoramas.

You simply hold the camera to your height and press the shutter button so that it runs automatically and capture images in a perfectly stable.

Perform breathtaking views and turn your journeys unforgettable.

Long exposure time without tripod

The amazing camera' stabilization system allows the Osmo to be fully stable.

You can also shoot during the night in "long exposure".

Perfect selfies

A totally new way of taking selfies.

Cinematic wedding videos

Take wonderful wedding videos and create unforgettable memories.

Stretch the limits..

Many accessories are available for the handlebars of your bike and a suction cup to attach it on your car or a universal mount provided to secure various accessories (micro etc ...).

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